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(changed from touring & residencies)

Tribal Rhythms is a Creative Teaching Partner of the
Massachusetts Cultural Council

Building a Sense of Community with Tribal Rhythms

Each year, the TR Touring Company brings exciting, transformational arts experiences to children and adults in schools and community sites all over Massachusetts.  Last year, Tribal Rhythms touring programs reached over 15,000 people in schools, community centers, churches, housing developments and at many other locations. Tribal Rhythms residencies combine the magical power of the Arts  with the unifying Theme of Tribe  to build a strong sense of community based on the values of caring, cooperation and respect.  Residencies can help a school or community organization achieve a whole range of goals.  Recent residencies have helped to strengthen a school community when two schools merged into one. In another situation, where children were moving from several small schools into a much larger school, administrators  incorporated Tribal Rhythms activities into their planning diminish a sense of isolation and ease the transition.

Here's what some teachers, parents and principals had said about
TR Residencies:

A residency at the Hanlon School in Westwood MA was the result  of planned changes in the school including major changes in staffing and students  due to changing demographics in the town. Tribal Rhythms artists worked with school staff to plan a residency that would help minimize the effects of the changes and help build new school spirit among staff,  parents and children in the school community.  Jeanne Papa, Hanlon School Principal, expressed a number of positive outcomes at the end of the residency. "Students really got the message from The Story of The Weakest and The Strongest, and used it as a measure to remind other students when their behavior was unkind or disrespectful of others." One of the goals of the residency was to make the older students who had just this year returned to their old school, feel that "they had truly become the school elders when they made drums for all the other classes."

Other recent Tribal Rhythms' evaluations and "thank yous" included:
"The storytelling was exceptional! Anytime children can be actively involved, the program becomes something extraordinarily special. The children felt such a part of what was going on that it was evident from their faces and behavior - bravo!"  from a Dartmouth, MA teacher. And, from a Principal in Georgetown, MA   "This was the best program I've ever seen at any school. You provided so much inspiration for activities that will tie in with second grade science, third and fourth grade social studies, art, music, phys least those are the ones that I've heard from today.  We all loved playing the instruments, and moving to the music. Your stories and demonstrations of instruments were great!"

Residencies blend full participation with artistic excellence in music, dance and story telling to create an intensely positive sense of community and fun. But much more than fun is taking place! As an important part of how we achieve our mission, residencies are designed to address critical issues like: celebrating diversity, helping schools build violence-free learning communities, assisting teachers and parents in fostering positive social development in children, and providing educators with exciting new tools for using the arts to teach critical thinking and problem solving skills.


Residencies for school and after-school programs include:

Tribal Rhythms Celebration
The Story of the Weakest and the Strongest
Tribal Rhythms Classroom Workshops  (selected from the following list):
• Music and Musical Instruments
• Acting and Drama
• Drum-making
• Costumes & Props
• Dance and Movement

Every residency includes teacher's copies of Tribal Rhythms® Creating The Village, a Curriculum Guide for Building Community with Children. to help teachers continue the activities and themes of the residency after the artists leave.

RESIDENCY WORKSHOPS:  (two artists)  (1 hour, -1 hr.,15 min.)
Grade levels: 1-5 (Audience limit: 30 children)

Workshops: 1/2 day: Full day:    
1-5 days   $425. $825.    
6 or more   $400.  $800.    

A basic materials & transportation charge of $250. is charged for  each residency to cover the cost of drum-making materials, name tags, scrapbook supplies, etc. If visual arts workshops are selected, there may be some additional materials costs.  Curriculum guides: One is included in the cost of the "Celebration" performance. Additional guides are available for $18.95 each.

To schedule a performance for your school or community program, call us at 617-524-6378 or email us.